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State Bracket and Info
Click Here for State Brackets all teams

Here are the admission fees for Pacers Athletic Center on Friday:

$30 family rate
$10 for adults ages 19-54
$5 for students 7-18
FREE 6 and under, 55 and over, players and coaches

Players are allowed to bring in their water jugs, but NO CASES OF BOTTLED WATER are allowed. Billy also stated no outside drinks are allowed, however, they will not wrangle your morning coffee from you...makes me wonder if there had been an altercation in the past... ;)

A few other notes and questions that have come up:

  • Winning team please text your score to me at: 317-440-0640
  • There will be admissions both days.  The ICBA takes them on Saturday but the Fieldhouse takes them on Friday and they tend to be higher
  • Outside food is not allowed on Friday at the Fieldhouse but is allowed on Saturday.  My only request is that if you bring food in on Saturday you please throw away your trash as we have to pay a custodian to clean up afterwards so the less trash the less the custodian fee.
  • I should have mentioned this but some have asked about the tight schedule.  I do not have access to all the courts all day which is why I had to create the schedule as shown.  After 5:30 my court access is restricted.   When we create the schedule we actually try to simulate outcomes as best as possible but with this format it is challenging.  We also receive quite a few special requests that create scheduling binds but I try to honor as many as possible.

Click Here for Tip Off Brackets

2017 TipOff Classic
Legacy Courts
2660 Schuyler Ave F,
Lafayette , IN.  47905

**No outside coolers are allowed
Gate Fee $5 person, $20 Max family
Coach, Assistant Coach and Players are free.


Player Fees Due. 

Our First game is coming quick!
--We still have some families who have not paid their final player fees.  Please have those paid up before Oct. 19. 2017. 
--Each player that has put in a Deposit should have received a uniform, with the exception of new players whom a uniform needed to be ordered. 
--If you have a sponsor that you are working with to pay your player fee, please let one of the Board Members know what is happening, so we can plan accordingly.   

Practice Cancelled For Elementary and Girls Thursday 9-21-17

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that the elementary boys and the girls team will not be having practice tomorrow night as the gym was spoken for. The Jr. High will start at 7:15 or directly after the volleyball game and Varsity will start at 8. Jr High will be done by 8:45. Varsity will be regular time. Please allow everyone to exit the gym before going in for practice. Our agreement with the church is that the school they work with has use of the gym before we do. This was a last minute game that came up that the church was only just made aware of. Thank you for your understanding.   9-21-17

Updated Schedule Times

Elementary 5:30-7
Girls 5:30 - 7
Junior High 7:00-8:30
JV/Varsity 8:00 - 9:30

Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
1819 Reservation Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46819

Parent Meeting Notes

We are excepting players for both Boys (Guard), and Girls (Guardian) teams.  Age range for these teams are 8-18.  
-The Girls have around 10 games scheduled

-The Boys have around 20 Games

also there will be sets of Tournaments that we will be attending Along with the year end Boys/ Girls State tournament.

-Season practices will start Tuesday Sept. 12

-Here is the schedule for those practice times:
Elementary 5-6
Girls 5:30 - 7
Junior High 6:30 - 8
Jv/Varsity 7:30 - 9
Each team can arrive a 1/2 hour early to work on stretches, with the exception of the Elementary team.  The doors open right at 5.

- will need to provide a current email address, as updates on games, or cancellations will be sent thru this system.  If we have your current cell numbers, we may try to text a cancellation

- Each family will be required to volunteer during our two tournaments that our team puts on.  These events help us to not charge admissions to the home games, which then allows us not to ask you to volunteer to do admissions!!

-A player form and deposit is expected before 1st practice with the remainder due by the end of Oct.

- A Parent/ Player commitment form is also required.  You will need to read it, and sign.

- The player fees can be offset by getting a business to sponsor our team.  An example of this is First Federal Bank.  You can see that when we get sponsors we can put their logo on the website.  If you need more info on how to get a sponsor, or if  you have a sponsor and need an invoice, please contact Jennifer Keysor and she will be able to help you.

- If you are not a player/Parent/Coach, you should not be on the practice court/ game court at any time.  This has been a problem in the past due to the gym size, and parents and siblings staying to watch practices.  Or friends coming to watch practices.  We do have setting available if you are wanting to stay, However, any siblings will need things to do, and not be on the court.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about playing for The Guard or The Guardians,